You can purchase some of the products or services offered on our web-page using a Bulgarian debit card (BORIKA) or selected international credit cards. Please call us to make your order or to receive any information or consulting you may need to make your best choice. You will receive by fax or e-mail the necessary information or proforma-invoice (order acknowledgement) in 4 t 8 hours.
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You can buy the selected product(s) with your 'BORIKA' debit card (cards issued in Bulgaria accepted only). All payments will be made in local currency Bulgarian Lev (BGN) where 1 = 1.95583 BGN.

Please enter the amount to pay (including V.A.T.) and description of the transaction. You will be transfered to the card operator's site: for secured transaction processing.
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Terms and Conditions of Sale
The Standard Terms of Sale include Prepaid Orders and Delivery of products to one of the offices/warehouse of Eagle Software in Bulgaria. Subject to negotiations. Please call us for more details.

Prices appearing on Eagle Software Web-pages include import taxes and duties except V.A.T. (20%) for products delivered to the one of the offices/warehouse of Eagle Software in Bulgaria. Unless otherwise specified all prices are shown in US Dollars.

Prices appearing on these Web-pages and/or company pricelists are indicative only. Prices usually remain unchanged till the end of the month. Eagle Software reserves the right to make changes into the prices and/or product specifications without prior notice. Prices quoted officially and/or confirmed in proforma-invoice (order acknowledgement) will remain firm for the term of validity of the document.

For products/services not listed, availability, or additional information please call.


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